Jun 18, 2010

2 Lessons from Facebook!

This is one of the most visited sites showing on my Google Chrome every day. 


Facebook is addictive. What's your average time on facebook everyday? Psychologists have introduced to a diagnosis Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD). I'm afraid i'm very close to it. lol
Anyway, i still find the "good reasons" for using facebook.

1. Boost Our Creativity 
through profile picture. You gotta believe how powerful the facebook is. Girls are actually busy to get a perfect shot for profile picture during outing. There's once i was scared by a girl friend's passion. She wanted to change profile picture and she didn't let go of me till i took a picture of her that she felt it's perfect. (more than 10 shoots at the same spot, with the same pose -.- )

By far the most popular style is this-is-me shot which you can see clearly who the person is. That's how facebook users polish their self-capturing and photoshop skills!

In-a-mirror shot is also very common. I log on to my facebook account, i can see more than 20 friends'profile pictures are they facing the mirror and holding a camera or handphone.

Hard to ask pictures from friends. Use my own pictures.

I'm-a-photographer shot, i see this type of picture everyday. Three persons are displaying the picture of them holding camera on my MSN now! lol. Many guys i know are obsessed with DSLR camera.

Cousin and my friends. My cousin keat looks the most pro.

Not only guys, my girl friends wanna show they're photographers too.

Besides, the trend of I'm-with-my-meal shot shows me that as long as we have a perfect profile picture, we don't mind to let the stomach growling just for the photo taking session. hehe. :)

My Sis and i.

Actually i don't set any of the photos of me shown above as facebook profile picture. I think i'm the most creative one! At least i haven't seen any friend's profile picture like this. Haha!  Look at the picture below, you'll agree with me.

My profile picture before. Forgive my ugliness, i like this! Funny mah~ :D

My little advice here, you can put ugly picture like i do, but please don't use some gangster/lala pictures. I ignore the friend request every time i see a gangster picture (e.g. Long gold hair covering almost the whole face picture). And once, i blocked a friend of mine for few months due to his profile picture. I was so embarrassed when he asked why i never approved his request. I didn't know he's actually my friend till he asked me. Plus, he didn't put his real name. 

2. Teach us tolerance.  
Frankly, I don't have a good temper. When facebook is getting more popular, i'm facing more and more useless stupid application spams. I have to keep an eye on my application privacy setting everyday, clean my wall and inbox always. I don't blame Mark Zuckerburg. Facebook is way too popular today. You can see many company got their own facebook page. And many annoying sellers are using facebook to do business. I just quietly ignore all the requests from FB online shops.

The annoying facebook users help to train my emotion control as well. Read more for the annoying user types, i found this interesting and true. I don't like friend-padder who randomly add friends everyday to reach their hundreds or thousands friend amounts. Knowing some net friends has nothing wrong, but i dont believe anyone can know and keep interacting with everyone of the thousands of friends on facebook. 

I learn to tolerate with horrible photo taggers and especially the let-me-tell-you-every-detail-of-my-day users.  I still don't understand why people wanna post  "Yam-cha at Starbucks now", "Just woke up, good morning!", "In class now" and "Watching XX movie". When i beh tahan anymore, I'll definitely place a comment there "Get some life pls!" How could someone really enjoy the movie while he's busy updating FB?

You might think that i'm talking nonsense about these lessons i got from facebook. I'd be glad to know what you learn from facebook. Do let me know ya. :)

p/s: thanks to those friends for allowing me using their pictures here.

Jun 14, 2010

i hate to forget & lose things.

My short-term memory doesn't work well. Since secondary school, i always forget to bring this, bring that. Especially after i lost my habit of doing to-do list everyday. i always have good friends to remind me for important things, such as Poh Yeen, ShynYing and Venus. But now, i'm a grown-up and have to be independent.

at my age of almost 20, 
i forgot my train ticket. by the time i found it, i missed the train.
i lost my comb.  x999 
i forgot to bring IC, purse or handphone X999. (you know i'm exaggerating, but too many times that i forgot)
i thought i had used up my pocket money, and asked money from parents. after weeks, i found few hundreds in my drawer. hehe
my calculator's M.I.A. and i actually gave up to find, bought a new one.
my glasses (which is the most important thing to a short-sighted person) also disappeared for few days, and i found it after i made a new pair. -.-
there are many things that i lost and till now i also don't know where i lost them.
Today i realize that my pendrive's lost and i'm so pissed off. 

He's my first sight love. :(
the moment i saw it, i wanted to own it. 
if you're a guy, you sure can't imagine how terrible the feeling is.
Plus, it's limited edition! Baby pls come back to me~

Jun 11, 2010

Boost Your Happiness: Your Nose Knows!!

You're using it right now and you probably don't even realize it. What is it? Your sense of smell, of course.

Your nose is amazing! It alerts you to danger and helps you taste food and enjoy the fragrant world!
A human can detect thousands of smells. And I can't smell very well. Unlike other friends who are very sensitive to smells, I'm always the last one to know there's someone farting in class. Lol.

It seems certain aromas have the power to stir up strong emotions and even change our mood.  :)
A study of 4000 people in UK looked at the scents that appeal to us most. My favourite smell, freshly baked bread, topped the list. The smell makes me happy and blissful every time because it's homely, warm and reminds me of people i love.

   1. Freshly baked bread
   2. Clean sheets
   3. Freshly mown grass
   4. Fresh flowers
   5. Freshly ground coffee
   6. Fresh air after rainfall
   7. Vanilla
   8. Chocolate
   -----------------------  Source: Reader's Digest

Our noses know the little things that make us smile. How about you? I got 4 from the list above. Baked bread, flowers, fresh air after the rain and of course chocolate! My mood turns good because of them. Tell you a little secret, i like to sniff liquid paper and petrol. Yeah i know, many people told me, that's not good. But they somehow make me feel high, they're like drugs.

Anyway I still haven't found any friend who feel happy smelling farts. If you're the one, let me introduce you my secondary school's "Fart King". You'll love him and get happy every day. *evil smile*

Jun 9, 2010

Singapore's Attraction

Besides going to Singapore landmark, i went to many must-visit places. Sentosa Island, Singapore Night Safari, Chinatown, Boat Quay, Orchard Road, Geylang, and (i-forgot-the-names) museums.

There's too much excitement at Sentosa Island till we never slowed down our pace. 4D Magix & Cineblast, Palawan Beach, Songs of the Sea, Underwater World and Dolphin Lagoon!

--Dolphin Lagoon--
I like Dolphin Lagoon so much! I saw pink dolphins for the first time. Dolphins are already very adorable, can you imagine how cute the lady pink dolphins are?

We were sitting quite far, thus the pictures we took shown above are not clear enough. I believe you can see clearer at the picture below.

Picture credit: dsphotographic

--Underwater World--

Jun 7, 2010

Injured Smile?

Picture credits: SilentFun

I don't really understand the hidden meaning of this picture.
I got two ways of interpretation.

1. Although there's wound, she has the beautiful inner smile.
2. Although she's smiling, she's actually hurt.

How about the mirror? i'm confused. But somehow i feel touched, many things running in my head when i first saw this picture.
i might get its meaning totally wrong.
Let's share your thought about this picture. :)

Jun 5, 2010

Boost Your Happiness: Candy

Children like sweet. You'll never fail to make a kid happy with candy and lolipop! But many grown-ups do not crave candy anymore.

Candies are part of our childhood memory. At my age now, I still like candy and it definitely can enhance my mood every time i feel a little blue or depressed. Actually I always steal my little sister's candy, especially milk candy and cotton candy. Unlike my friends, I don't really enjoy Halls.

Believe me, eat some candies next time when you feel unhappy. It's undeniable that the effect is instant yet temporary. The little bits of happiness still count, right? At least, you get the enjoyment for few minutes.

My favourite Candy now. :D
Thanks to Tiang. I'm addicted to Sticky.

Sticky, traditional hand-made yummy.

The first time I tasted it was when the first Sticky outlet in Malaysia opened at 1 Utama. We got attracted by the big crowd for its shop opening ceremony, and the pinkish new shop is easily spotted.

Finally my lil sis's turn to covet my candies. LOL

See why i love them so much. So colorful that can bright up your day!

Jun 2, 2010

Expired Rubbish 过期垃圾 by DA.MON.STER 摩斯特

Lai Quean was driving. We were chit-chatting happily in the car. We all stopped talking concurrently, just to listen to the song on radio.

I was enjoying the music and listening to the lyrics.
I still remember this part of lyrics clearly!
供你去出国读书 乜嘢博士碩士学士
都係假嘅 爛有學問 尼啲就叫做自私

No words coming out from us till the song ended. We were touched. No! It's more than touching, we got shocked because of how true and realistic the lyrics are!
I immediately asked Lai Quean for the song's name but he didn't know as well. I googled for the song after that night. This's a great song by DA.MON.STER (i never heard of this local group before, but obviously they are great!) .

不会再哭 不会放手 记得抓紧我双手
Let me go home. Let me go home .
♫ (Chorus)

i listen to this song over & over again. If there's still heart in you, try to recall how you own everything in your world now, never ever abandon your parents pls. We need to care about our old folks.

Papa and mommy, i wanna hold your warm hands tightly even when the hands become wrinkled old hands one day.
i love you. ♥

Jun 1, 2010

Digi Campus Roadshow at Westlake, Kampar.

Today i finished class at 11a.m. After lunch, i was enjoying afternoon sunshine. But then someone's blasting music. *sulk*

Oh no. It's more like got people throwing a party on the road! I heard the sound of car's roaring engine. What's next? Loud music! And DJ talking. I stood up and looked outside the window. Wow! It's so yellow!! I saw a yellow car parked outside the opposite house and many yellow people on the street. Lol.

I immediately picked up my camera and walked to balcony. (Haha. i was like a reporter, got news sense. I thought of taking journalism as my degree major. =P)

Do you notice? A yellow man inside a yellow car holding a yellow mike. "blah blah blah... Don't miss the opportunity to win a hp laptop. Sign up to the cheapest blah blah blah Digi Prepaid Campus! blah blah blah...." Okay, then only i knew it's Digi "road party"!

I've been studying at UTAR Perak for two years. This is not the first time Digi having roadshow here. That's why i always tell my KL friends. Kampar here is developing so rapidly all because of UTAR students. Cyber cafe, restaurants, shops and houses are getting more and more like mushrooms after a rain. And we have Tesco now!

Digi's so pandai! Westlake Residents are students, the target for their Digi Campus plan. Plus they come at the right time! Don't know what's happening with Maxis at Kampar Westlake & New Town. The network coverage sucks! It's been 3 days.

Of course I'm not promoting for Digi Campus, although the plan is really cheap. I won't switch because my father's loyal maxis user and i'm using his supplementary line.
You can take a look at Digi Campus's rate plan, and compare it with Hotlink Youth Club. Most of my friends are using youth club. Let's enjoy our benefit as college/university students! :)

Btw, i always like Digi's ad! "I will follow you!" and the yellow ducks. Haha.

@Leo Forum 2007 (Now u know how dark i was)