Feb 16, 2016

Valentine's Day celebration at The View, Hotel Equatorial

This was our 6th valentine's day. We never purposely celebrated in the past, even during our university time together in Kampar.

We celebrated in advance by finally having a fine dining. He booked online for the dinner at The View, Hotel Equatorial.

I'd advise anyone that book dinner go for 7.30pm or later. We reached at 7pm. And we could see the opposite old flats and some dirty buildings clearly. It wasn't romantic... Until the sky turned dark. Both Penang bridges were in sight. Such a great view!

As a side note to remind myself,

You! Left the Godiva chocolates at relative's house! Wasted his money and effort!

Revive after so long

After working for almost 4 years, I realized that I forget many things especially those good memories. And I come back here again.

Intended to start writing journal using app Flava, After writing for about 6 posts on Flava, I stop again. It cannot organize my posts according to my preference.

I prefer Day One app which is exclusive to iOS and Mac only. It looks much more elegant and organized. But I'm Android phone user currently and this app needs to be paid.

I'm not a persistent person. Just wanna note down as many as possible here. Many years from now these old photos and journal entries will ignite my recollection of interesting memories I would have otherwise forgotten.