Jun 7, 2010

Injured Smile?

Picture credits: SilentFun

I don't really understand the hidden meaning of this picture.
I got two ways of interpretation.

1. Although there's wound, she has the beautiful inner smile.
2. Although she's smiling, she's actually hurt.

How about the mirror? i'm confused. But somehow i feel touched, many things running in my head when i first saw this picture.
i might get its meaning totally wrong.
Let's share your thought about this picture. :)


  1. People bury the real of themselves till they can't see their inner smile.
    And one day, when they realize they loss themselves, they try to reveal it to find back their true happiness. :)
    I guess.

  2. many city people need to trace back their true & inner self. just hope people don't bury themselves too long and forget their genuine smile.

  3. smile will make someone happy...
    regardless how much pain you have inside yourself...

  4. yup. smile always has the ability to cover the hidden bitterness in heart.