Jun 9, 2010

Singapore's Attraction

Besides going to Singapore landmark, i went to many must-visit places. Sentosa Island, Singapore Night Safari, Chinatown, Boat Quay, Orchard Road, Geylang, and (i-forgot-the-names) museums.

There's too much excitement at Sentosa Island till we never slowed down our pace. 4D Magix & Cineblast, Palawan Beach, Songs of the Sea, Underwater World and Dolphin Lagoon!

--Dolphin Lagoon--
I like Dolphin Lagoon so much! I saw pink dolphins for the first time. Dolphins are already very adorable, can you imagine how cute the lady pink dolphins are?

We were sitting quite far, thus the pictures we took shown above are not clear enough. I believe you can see clearer at the picture below.

Picture credit: dsphotographic

--Underwater World--

--Songs of the Sea--

I'll definitely return for Songs of the Sea during my next visit! Very spectacular effect, everything was so fancy and incredible! It's a world-class show.

--Night Safari--

Carrying anything too bright is prohibited, and pointing lights at the animals is not allowed. Therefore we don't have any animal pictures. But i can tell, S'pore Night Safari is a wild adventure not to be missed. We saw animals in almost every enclosure. Best safari I've ever been!


-- Food--
After eating for 3 days at S'pore, i personally feel that Malaysia's food is more delicious! However, Soya Bean & Yew Char Kuey at Geylang is so yummy (my favourite food there) and Malaysia doesn't have. too bad too bad. The taste of soya bean is different. Our tourist told us a joke.

Singaporean's very kiasu (fear of losing). Even the yew char kuey is unbeatable long.
LOL. It's true! You can't find such long yew char kuey anywhere in Malaysia. Don't believe? See the pictures.

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  1. Wow since when u went to s'pore ~ so nice eh~