Jun 5, 2010

Boost Your Happiness: Candy

Children like sweet. You'll never fail to make a kid happy with candy and lolipop! But many grown-ups do not crave candy anymore.

Candies are part of our childhood memory. At my age now, I still like candy and it definitely can enhance my mood every time i feel a little blue or depressed. Actually I always steal my little sister's candy, especially milk candy and cotton candy. Unlike my friends, I don't really enjoy Halls.

Believe me, eat some candies next time when you feel unhappy. It's undeniable that the effect is instant yet temporary. The little bits of happiness still count, right? At least, you get the enjoyment for few minutes.

My favourite Candy now. :D
Thanks to Tiang. I'm addicted to Sticky.

Sticky, traditional hand-made yummy.

The first time I tasted it was when the first Sticky outlet in Malaysia opened at 1 Utama. We got attracted by the big crowd for its shop opening ceremony, and the pinkish new shop is easily spotted.

Finally my lil sis's turn to covet my candies. LOL

See why i love them so much. So colorful that can bright up your day!


  1. You know eating a lot of sugar causes more depression right? Haha just kidding... it probably does, but I'm a sweet tooth as well. :) The candy in these pictures look like candy you would get in Asian markets. Looks pretty yummy and I like expression on your little sister's face! Heh... Thanks for sharing this. I think you have a really unique blog!

  2. i'm addicted to S.T.I.C.K.Y too!
    colorful candies bring me happiness! :)

  3. why's your gravatar not working here? I've been trying to get a better comment system for my blog. thanks for your nice words. it means a lot especially from you, my only U.S reader.
    Haha. I know too much of sugar cause health problem. Btw Sticky is available at Australia.