Jun 14, 2010

i hate to forget & lose things.

My short-term memory doesn't work well. Since secondary school, i always forget to bring this, bring that. Especially after i lost my habit of doing to-do list everyday. i always have good friends to remind me for important things, such as Poh Yeen, ShynYing and Venus. But now, i'm a grown-up and have to be independent.

at my age of almost 20, 
i forgot my train ticket. by the time i found it, i missed the train.
i lost my comb.  x999 
i forgot to bring IC, purse or handphone X999. (you know i'm exaggerating, but too many times that i forgot)
i thought i had used up my pocket money, and asked money from parents. after weeks, i found few hundreds in my drawer. hehe
my calculator's M.I.A. and i actually gave up to find, bought a new one.
my glasses (which is the most important thing to a short-sighted person) also disappeared for few days, and i found it after i made a new pair. -.-
there are many things that i lost and till now i also don't know where i lost them.
Today i realize that my pendrive's lost and i'm so pissed off. 

He's my first sight love. :(
the moment i saw it, i wanted to own it. 
if you're a guy, you sure can't imagine how terrible the feeling is.
Plus, it's limited edition! Baby pls come back to me~


  1. Hey, I hope you find your pendrive back! I know the feeling of losing something you treasure. It sucks :(

    Oh and thanks for dropping by my blog. Hope you do keep reading, as I update every week. I like your blog too :)

  2. Thank you. I found my pendrive!! :D :D :D
    i was so excited when my fren told me it's with him.

  3. @@~ calm down
    mayb it playing hide n seek with u
    after feel boring den it will come back to u XD