Jun 18, 2010

2 Lessons from Facebook!

This is one of the most visited sites showing on my Google Chrome every day. 


Facebook is addictive. What's your average time on facebook everyday? Psychologists have introduced to a diagnosis Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD). I'm afraid i'm very close to it. lol
Anyway, i still find the "good reasons" for using facebook.

1. Boost Our Creativity 
through profile picture. You gotta believe how powerful the facebook is. Girls are actually busy to get a perfect shot for profile picture during outing. There's once i was scared by a girl friend's passion. She wanted to change profile picture and she didn't let go of me till i took a picture of her that she felt it's perfect. (more than 10 shoots at the same spot, with the same pose -.- )

By far the most popular style is this-is-me shot which you can see clearly who the person is. That's how facebook users polish their self-capturing and photoshop skills!

In-a-mirror shot is also very common. I log on to my facebook account, i can see more than 20 friends'profile pictures are they facing the mirror and holding a camera or handphone.

Hard to ask pictures from friends. Use my own pictures.

I'm-a-photographer shot, i see this type of picture everyday. Three persons are displaying the picture of them holding camera on my MSN now! lol. Many guys i know are obsessed with DSLR camera.

Cousin and my friends. My cousin keat looks the most pro.

Not only guys, my girl friends wanna show they're photographers too.

Besides, the trend of I'm-with-my-meal shot shows me that as long as we have a perfect profile picture, we don't mind to let the stomach growling just for the photo taking session. hehe. :)

My Sis and i.

Actually i don't set any of the photos of me shown above as facebook profile picture. I think i'm the most creative one! At least i haven't seen any friend's profile picture like this. Haha!  Look at the picture below, you'll agree with me.

My profile picture before. Forgive my ugliness, i like this! Funny mah~ :D

My little advice here, you can put ugly picture like i do, but please don't use some gangster/lala pictures. I ignore the friend request every time i see a gangster picture (e.g. Long gold hair covering almost the whole face picture). And once, i blocked a friend of mine for few months due to his profile picture. I was so embarrassed when he asked why i never approved his request. I didn't know he's actually my friend till he asked me. Plus, he didn't put his real name. 

2. Teach us tolerance.  
Frankly, I don't have a good temper. When facebook is getting more popular, i'm facing more and more useless stupid application spams. I have to keep an eye on my application privacy setting everyday, clean my wall and inbox always. I don't blame Mark Zuckerburg. Facebook is way too popular today. You can see many company got their own facebook page. And many annoying sellers are using facebook to do business. I just quietly ignore all the requests from FB online shops.

The annoying facebook users help to train my emotion control as well. Read more for the annoying user types, i found this interesting and true. I don't like friend-padder who randomly add friends everyday to reach their hundreds or thousands friend amounts. Knowing some net friends has nothing wrong, but i dont believe anyone can know and keep interacting with everyone of the thousands of friends on facebook. 

I learn to tolerate with horrible photo taggers and especially the let-me-tell-you-every-detail-of-my-day users.  I still don't understand why people wanna post  "Yam-cha at Starbucks now", "Just woke up, good morning!", "In class now" and "Watching XX movie". When i beh tahan anymore, I'll definitely place a comment there "Get some life pls!" How could someone really enjoy the movie while he's busy updating FB?

You might think that i'm talking nonsense about these lessons i got from facebook. I'd be glad to know what you learn from facebook. Do let me know ya. :)

p/s: thanks to those friends for allowing me using their pictures here.


  1. haha...... u re quite true!

    I use fb to share my photographs with friends and organise gathering. Beside these, I find fb nothing interesting as I dun play games that required daily commitment and always asking friends to help........

  2. haha i m not pro la,ah piang piang.. i m still learning about those..my job make me fall to DSLR lols

  3. hi SCC, thanks for reading my blog. =)
    i was addicted to pet society & mafia wars at first. and i got bored and lazy to play games on fb.
    i like to share things with friends on FB too. and i must thank FB because i found back many old friends.

  4. keat~ i believe u're the most pro among my frens. lol
    good la. i also want a job like that!

  5. I guess I'm odd 1 here. I shy to stand in front of camera XD