Jul 2, 2010

Share Your Feeling?

i've been losing my blogging ability for over a week. I find myself struggling not to post anything on the internet, share anything with anyone. It's all because i'm afraid to show my emotions, my thinking.

i'm a big fan of infectious smile.  :D
For me, happiness can be infectious but not sadness. i love to feel other's happiness, and let people know my joy too. i can't accept myself to make people sad. because i know how heartbreaking it is when you feel someone's grief & sadness but can't help anything. i'm bad at comforting friends. Only know to accompany him/her to cry together, be a listener to ease their pain.

HP-ness blog is a platform for me to spread happiness, share good things. So i tell myself not to write anything here when i'm not in good mood. Happy go lucky! :D

No man is an island. We need each other and we all have our lifetime supporters.
Believe me. If you keep everything to yourself, you'll go insane one day. lol.
So do share your feeling and emotions to your close friends, family!
They're always there for you, no matter you're happy, depressed, pissed off, moody or angry.

Peace. ^^V