Jun 2, 2010

Expired Rubbish 过期垃圾 by DA.MON.STER 摩斯特

Lai Quean was driving. We were chit-chatting happily in the car. We all stopped talking concurrently, just to listen to the song on radio.

I was enjoying the music and listening to the lyrics.
I still remember this part of lyrics clearly!
供你去出国读书 乜嘢博士碩士学士
都係假嘅 爛有學問 尼啲就叫做自私

No words coming out from us till the song ended. We were touched. No! It's more than touching, we got shocked because of how true and realistic the lyrics are!
I immediately asked Lai Quean for the song's name but he didn't know as well. I googled for the song after that night. This's a great song by DA.MON.STER (i never heard of this local group before, but obviously they are great!) .

不会再哭 不会放手 记得抓紧我双手
Let me go home. Let me go home .
♫ (Chorus)

i listen to this song over & over again. If there's still heart in you, try to recall how you own everything in your world now, never ever abandon your parents pls. We need to care about our old folks.

Papa and mommy, i wanna hold your warm hands tightly even when the hands become wrinkled old hands one day.
i love you. ♥


  1. hui peng, u didn't ask me,
    I've heard this song before..
    'Sin Chew' did interviewed this gang.lol
    yea~ it's sad to said...dat is so True!

  2. piang ar piang, u r always a good girl.:)
    and i want to say hi to ur new blog!! XD

  3. tiang, arigatou. :)

    hi anonymous, too bad that i missed the interview article. btw, u sound like u know me.
    "hui peng, u didn't ask me " lol. who r u? i shd have asked u then i didn't need to google so long.

  4. it's good to see ur new blog...hp-ness9...LOL..xD

  5. thank you thank you. ^^

  6. 摩斯特Da.Mon.Ster是马来西亚即将发片的新晋组合
    Danny温力铭 (大马歌手)
    Monkey D (前地下摇滚乐团Mumster成员)
    Ester Maymay (绝对Spuer Star女子组5强)

  7. i just know one of the members, Danny. I watched his live performance few years ago. he's really talented.
    thanks for sharing the info, cindehuiz.

  8. You can download this song on this website:

  9. i like this song very much~~~