Jun 11, 2010

Boost Your Happiness: Your Nose Knows!!

You're using it right now and you probably don't even realize it. What is it? Your sense of smell, of course.

Your nose is amazing! It alerts you to danger and helps you taste food and enjoy the fragrant world!
A human can detect thousands of smells. And I can't smell very well. Unlike other friends who are very sensitive to smells, I'm always the last one to know there's someone farting in class. Lol.

It seems certain aromas have the power to stir up strong emotions and even change our mood.  :)
A study of 4000 people in UK looked at the scents that appeal to us most. My favourite smell, freshly baked bread, topped the list. The smell makes me happy and blissful every time because it's homely, warm and reminds me of people i love.

   1. Freshly baked bread
   2. Clean sheets
   3. Freshly mown grass
   4. Fresh flowers
   5. Freshly ground coffee
   6. Fresh air after rainfall
   7. Vanilla
   8. Chocolate
   -----------------------  Source: Reader's Digest

Our noses know the little things that make us smile. How about you? I got 4 from the list above. Baked bread, flowers, fresh air after the rain and of course chocolate! My mood turns good because of them. Tell you a little secret, i like to sniff liquid paper and petrol. Yeah i know, many people told me, that's not good. But they somehow make me feel high, they're like drugs.

Anyway I still haven't found any friend who feel happy smelling farts. If you're the one, let me introduce you my secondary school's "Fart King". You'll love him and get happy every day. *evil smile*


  1. 1st time here~haha
    Didnt tot tat Freshly baked bread is d TOP SMELLS THAT MAKE US HAPPY~
    bt i rarely hv a chance to smell tat XD

  2. Bcoz of my late grandpa and my aunt's bakery shop, i could always smell it when i was small. Nowadays, many bakery shop dont smell that nice anymore. hehe

  3. piang, YUAN PI GU will feel sad if he read your post. LOL ;D