May 31, 2010

Sentosa 4D Magix and CineBlast

Somebody please tell me when Malaysia will have a great 4D cinema like Sentosa 4D Magix and CineBlast! Thanks to Lai Quean for the Singapore trip. I had my fantastic awesome great fun experiences of 4D in S'pore!

My only 4D experience in Malaysia was at Genting.

I thought it was superb till I had a whole new experience at Sentosa. They are incomparable! If you are going to Sentosa, 4D Magix and CineBlast are must-go! Over a year, i still can remember clearly my feeling of excitement there.

The game package we had on that day was including Desperados, Extreme Log Ride and Pirates.

Sorry that i don't have any pictures when we're playing inside because we're too busy to play. Lol. But we had the time to take pictures outside while we're waiting for our turn.

This was the sticker badge we got after playing Desperado.

LOL. I got one. I can go to America become Cowboy COWGIRL ! Desperados is a game that employs motion-based saddle seat facing a large screen where the video game plays out. We the players are cowboys inside and shooting down all the bad guys. The game lasts for about 10 minutes and the top three scorers have their pictures up on the screen in a mini hall of fame.

Before we entered for Pirates..

I like Extreme Log Ride the most among all! It's far more exciting than playing roller coaster at Genting. It's unbelievable thrilling although I was just sitting a motion-based seat, inside an air-cond space, at the safe Sentosa Island. I experienced the fear of dropping into a 1000m high waterfall. It was so real!

I would definitely go to Singapore again for it! ♥

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