May 30, 2010

A for Apple?

I believe everyone can shout out the name of this phone. Yes, it's iPhone. As we know, iPhone is ruling the world now. No. I should rephrase. Apple rules the world!

When we start learning alphabets, we all know 'A' comes first. And you can go try ask any small kid, "A for... ?" The kid would definitely answer "A for APPLE!"

The very first alphabet 'A' means a lot. 'A' means good grade, every student's hope under Malaysia's stupid education system. 'A' stands for apple, my favorite fruit.
i like apple.

Talking about apple, i think of my name, Snow White with the poisoned apple, Isaac Newton, Big Apple Donuts and of course Steve Jobs's Apple!

Apple iPod, Mac, iPhone, iPad these revolutionary products have changed the meaning of apple. Apple doesn't stand for the red fruit alone anymore. The bitten apple is the easily recognizable logo in the whole wide world for Apple Inc. After i read the story of Steve Jobs, only i understand why Steve Jobs made Apple his company name and its logo.

Now apple has a whole new meaning for me. Apple's my inspiration. i admire Steve Jobs's awesome spirit. Never give up even after he got laid off by his own company. Steve Jobs, you deserve the Apple's success!

Apple rocks!


  1. thanks for sharing "the story of steve jobs" ;)

  2. hey ravishingpeacock, i'm so glad that i got your comment. i didn't expect that because i just start this blog. thanks for being my blog's first commenter. =)