May 30, 2010

Meeting Merlion at Singapore

This was a great trip with friends last year. To meet the merlion at singapore, i ditched my very first class for my degree. I'm a bad student., right? lol

Of course we were not only taking picture with this small lil merlion.

and also this huge merlion.

Not to forget, the sentosa merlion.

After taking plenty of pictures with Singapore's mascot, i wondered why i've never taken any pictures with my own country's mascot. Erm.. Singapore has "sea-lion" and what about Malaysia? If you know, tell me. I was thnking if i were a tourist to Malaysia, where to take a symbolic picture?
KLCC, the Petronas Twin Tower first popped into my mind. Then only i realized i dont have any pictures of me with it even i've been living so near to KLCC for so many years and went there for N times. :(

Okay, it's not too late for me to realize. I must take a picture with KLCC building!

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