Dec 24, 2010

Happiness from a Stranger?

I have slit eyes. Double-eyelid eyes are pretty, and they can 'talk'. Unlike sepet eyes, people think that i'm cool, moody or even angry when i don't have any facial expression. Lol. So i'd better smile more.

"Do you know that person?"
"i dont know oh.."
"Then why are you smiling at her?"
"Because she was looking at me. i dont know what to do except smile."

Haha. i believe it happens many times to everyone. I don't know how about others, but i will actually feel happier after i smile back to a stranger or when a stranger smiling at me. I won't feel awkward (of course except to those pervert look guys).

So let's smile at a stranger! Give people your genuine smile, to let them feel the happier world.

In a crowd, when you see a girl finally got a balloon after long crying to her mom, the simple and happy smile on her little face will infect you too. You'll feel glad for her happiness.

An old man's kind smile with a broken tooth,
Funny jokes you overhear from a group of students at the next table,
Some motivational words you got from a stranger's comment of your blog post,  all of these could easily light up your days!

Maybe one day, your smile at a stranger would save someone who's going to commit suicide, the warmth you give stop him from hurting himself.

Everyone has the power to give happiness and hopes to others. Be a kind stranger!

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