Jun 1, 2010

Digi Campus Roadshow at Westlake, Kampar.

Today i finished class at 11a.m. After lunch, i was enjoying afternoon sunshine. But then someone's blasting music. *sulk*

Oh no. It's more like got people throwing a party on the road! I heard the sound of car's roaring engine. What's next? Loud music! And DJ talking. I stood up and looked outside the window. Wow! It's so yellow!! I saw a yellow car parked outside the opposite house and many yellow people on the street. Lol.

I immediately picked up my camera and walked to balcony. (Haha. i was like a reporter, got news sense. I thought of taking journalism as my degree major. =P)

Do you notice? A yellow man inside a yellow car holding a yellow mike. "blah blah blah... Don't miss the opportunity to win a hp laptop. Sign up to the cheapest blah blah blah Digi Prepaid Campus! blah blah blah...." Okay, then only i knew it's Digi "road party"!

I've been studying at UTAR Perak for two years. This is not the first time Digi having roadshow here. That's why i always tell my KL friends. Kampar here is developing so rapidly all because of UTAR students. Cyber cafe, restaurants, shops and houses are getting more and more like mushrooms after a rain. And we have Tesco now!

Digi's so pandai! Westlake Residents are students, the target for their Digi Campus plan. Plus they come at the right time! Don't know what's happening with Maxis at Kampar Westlake & New Town. The network coverage sucks! It's been 3 days.

Of course I'm not promoting for Digi Campus, although the plan is really cheap. I won't switch because my father's loyal maxis user and i'm using his supplementary line.
You can take a look at Digi Campus's rate plan, and compare it with Hotlink Youth Club. Most of my friends are using youth club. Let's enjoy our benefit as college/university students! :)

Btw, i always like Digi's ad! "I will follow you!" and the yellow ducks. Haha.

@Leo Forum 2007 (Now u know how dark i was)

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